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Saturday, February 19th, 2011
11:04 pm

My dad hasn't been feeling well today and I DO NOT LIKE THAT! He just went to the funeral today of the 3rd person in 2.5 years that has had terminal cancer in his family. I'm sure it's just a virus, but he is pale and doesn't look well. I really want to just get in the bed with him and stay until I know he is better.

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11:04 pm

My dad hasn't been feeling well today and I DO NOT LIKE THAT! He just went to the funeral today of the 3rd person in 2.5 years that has had terminal cancer in his family. I'm sure it's just a virus, but he is pale and doesn't look well. I really want to just get in the bed with him and stay until I know he is better.

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
7:11 pm

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Thursday, November 18th, 2010
9:13 pm

I am so stressed out.

Father and brother in law moved into a house that WE wanted to buy- and they knew we did. This was during the summer, and they were really crappy to us about it too. Well, we got over it. FIL goes MONTHS without seeing the girls, and never ever calls my husband. Well, imagine that- they are getting evicted from their house and they call! Why am I not surprised? Apparently we are the only family who doesnt hold a grudge after they screw us over, so they expect to be able to live here for a week, and bring their gross animals here. I had to be at work at 3:45am on Wednesday, and they blew up my phone ALL night because they needed a place to go. Seriously? You ignore my kids- YOUR grandchildren, treat my hubby like crap then expect us to do all these favors for you.


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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
5:13 pm

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Monday, July 7th, 2008
2:44 am - Update...
So i havent even been on here in ages. the kids are good. Mads is 10 months and ALLLmost walking. She tries lol its so funny. She will do like, 3 steps and kind of freak out and fall. Shes cute. She says mama, dada, num nums, baba, pap (for papaw) and i think mamaw but were not sure. Oh and "cat" lol.
Kaitlyn is 5 already..its insane. She is into Hannah Montana and High School Musical and stuff now instead of Dora and all the kiddie things, im sad. She is growing up so fast!!
We are moving this week. Jeremys parents got divorced so his dad asked us to move in, and he is going to refinance the house and put it in our name. He is thinking of moving to florida, which i dont think the girls will let him do that!!! Anyway, its an amazing house. The master bedroom is freaking awesome, it has one of those giant whirlpool tubs..im really excited lol. And the girls will go to the school i went to!! yay!

welllll...i suppose i should get some sleep. Mads will be up bright and early and i need some rest!!

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Friday, January 18th, 2008
10:18 pm
Ahhh. i havent even got online in days. Everyone in my house has been sick with every single thing you can think of. Kaitlyn had a double ear infection and the flu, Jeremy had the flu and his wisdom teeth are impacted, Madeline had ear infection, the flu, and REALLLLY bad excema. And i had First-a stomach virus. Second-flu. Third-the same damn ear infection everyone else had. Im going to homeschool the girls and never let them out of the house because i know it all came from school. Ugh.
We had a good christmas though...everyone got what they wanted. Well i didnt get my brand new car lol but all well.
Maddie is getting SO BIG. I cant believe it. Every day Jeremy says OH she said DAD!! Im sure she didnt but he is silly. But her and Kaitlyn are so darn cute together. Ill post some pics of them when i quit being lazy lol.

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
2:12 pm - CHRISTMAS!
I am FINALLY done with christmas shopping. We went sunday and finished it all. People are INSANE when they are trying to find stuff. This lady was yelling at an employee at toys r us about a Wii. Seriously, you cant find those things anywhere.

Disney Princess game for Leapster
MIO pup
Aqua doodle travel mat
Fur Real Friends Butterscotch Horse
Polar Express Movie

Piano floor toy thing
My first baby
Learning table thing
Musical fish crib thing

Playstation 3!! i cant wait to give it to him!!

And me and my brother went together and got my mom a nintendo ds and that brain age game. Got my neices and nephews gift cards, except the babies i got them toys. And got my dad a knife he wanted and Jeremys parents giftcards. Whew. I wish i could have spent all of that money on me lol! I cant even really think of anything i want though.

I need to go out today and get things for the treat bags for Kaitlyns school party. So far ive bought Spongebob candy canes with little spongebob candies attatched to them, christmas suckers, and hershey kisses. I want to try and find things that ARENT candy, so hopefully i can.
Kaitlyns school play is friday. I cant wait. We found a sheep hood for her to wear. I will definitly put some pics on here soon after i get the ones of her play.

current mood: bored

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Friday, November 30th, 2007
11:18 pm
We finally went grocery shopping today, about 2 weeks overdue. We ended up spending like, $300. DONT ever go to the grocery hungry lol. But we got a ton of food and healthy snacks and all that. I happened to see Dr. Phil on thursday (i think) and it was about obese kids....wow. Those kids were really big!! So im like, terrified of letting Kaitlyn have anything that might make her bigger or unhealthy. I felt bad for those kids because it really wasnt their fault. But of course, im not a big fan of Dr. Phil, he kinda drives me crazy.

We got a take home test from school, its going to be part of our midterm grade. Its really easy. We had to label the parts of a needle, and the parts of a syringe, and do some definitions and explain a few procedures. We could use our books and the answers were really easy to find. Obviously, we arent expected to memorize EVERY drug and all of its side effects and its generic name and all that but ive been studying them so much i could say them in my sleep. Im really happy that ive decided to go to school. Its really great!! And i really like the people in my class. I LOVE doing the labs too. Especially the ones with the needle syringes. I definitly want to work in a hospital when i get done. I think ill do my externship at Childrens Hospital where Kaitlyn was. I love that hospital!! Unless they get a contract with Middletown of course, which they told me they might have by the time i go out. I guess ill keep my fingers crossed!! It take 7 years of school to be a pharmacist (thats going part time) so i think i might do that MAYBE after i work as a tech for a while. I dont know though, ill have to see how i feel about it when the time comes lol. 7 years of school sounds like a lot!!

current mood: sleepy

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Saturday, November 24th, 2007
4:43 pm

So i have 4 quizzes for school on monday. Ive been studying my butt off but i still dont know the stuff as good as i should. So, here is the things i have to know-the first word is the brand name of the drug and the second word is the generic name..if anyone knows any easy way i can memorize these let me know!!



















pepto-bismol-bismuth subsalicylate

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Friday, November 16th, 2007
10:28 pm
So yea.  Im starting school monday at OIPT for pharmacy tech. The walgreens job didnt work out as planned. So im just going to go get certified because Middletown Hospital is looking for pharm techs and they need one year of experience- the teacher at the school told me today that the schooling and externship would count as one year of experience.. I am actually kind of wanting to work at Childrens Hospital. The admissions woman said her daughter works there and they started her out at $15 AN HOUR! I was like, wow. Thats insane. I wasnt expecting to make that much, maybe like $10 or something. So yea, im excited.

Im bored... The kids are sleeping and i have nothing to do. Whenever i get bored i eat, which prob isnt good lol. So i guess im going to go find me a snack and maybe head off to bed, but prob not.

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Friday, November 9th, 2007
9:18 pm - LMAO

 Seriously. I post the ONLY post ive EVER posted in this community, about the damn aqua dots recall...SORRY PEOPLE i do have a life i dont sit on LJ all day long looking at EVERY post. I didnt know it had already been posted and like, a billion rude ass replies were sent to me. Whatever. One was even saying she wished the aqua dots turned into vicodin because she was stressed to read about the recall so much. ITS A DAMN LJ COMMUNITY. Its not the most terrible thing in the world and honestly, when i read a post that isnt very interesting or i just dont feel like reading, i skip it. All i was asking for was the website to find out what to do with it. Its kind of amusing to read all of the replies.

Anyway.. So this new job is going to be awesome. I havent started yet, the guy is hiring another girl and he has to get all of her stuff straightened out so we can start training together. I hope shes easy to get along with lol. I always get nervous starting a new job because i just feel like everyone else has established relationships and im like the girl who doesnt know anyone. And i know that a job isnt about making friends but I just wish i knew one person there! Im sure ill do fine though most of the people who work there seem really nice. And i love the pharmacist he was cracking me up.

We ordered Kaitlyns school pictures wednesday. They turned out pretty good but she wouldnt smile her best. And they were only $71 for a LOOOT of pictures...like 3  8X10s. 4  5X7s and a lot of wallets. Plus an 8X10 and a 5X7 of her class picture. We paid a lot less than what we would pay at sears and we got way more pictures. And i also had her conference that day and they said shes doing VERY well and all the kids love her. Her "best friends" are Madelyn and Kailey.

bored bored bored. My mom is watching the girls tomorrow night while me and my brother and his gf go out for a little bit. Im not drinking or anything (because i had like 3 drinks of a margarita and felt drunk AND sick lol) but it will be nice to get out for a little bit. Im debating on whether i should go out or get a few hours of uninterupted sleep in my bed BY MYSELF. We'll see.


gotta try to go to bed.

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Sunday, October 14th, 2007
1:53 am
Madeline has these really cute pink baby gap sweatpants and matching long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt i bought her recently.
It says NEWBORN on the inside tag. Too bad i didnt read down more to see that it says 6-12 months. Why on earth did it say newborn?? That makes me really angry. I put them on her before i discovered this and i was like, WTH? I thought it looked big on the hanger but it did say newborn.

Ugh. And i know if i take it back to exchange it they wont have her size. I just know it.

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Thursday, October 4th, 2007
9:46 pm - Pictures!!

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3:22 pm

 My daughter and i have the cross-cradle nursing position down perfect. She WILL NOT do it on the left side. So today i tried it laying down on the left side and she latched right on! Its so awesome when she does that! But i cant figure out the proper way to do it laying down. I know i need to have her body towards mine, but what else is important to do? It just seemed like i was really uncomfortable in that position.

Also. Where is a good place (preferable online) to buy nursing clothes for a good price? I am in desperate need of at least a few tank tops. I have an awesome sleep bra and a nursing bra, but i dont have any nursing clothes. And i cant go around wearing just a bra!


And just an update-my daughter is a nursing machine! I was told to pump after she eats, do i need to do that after every time she nurses?

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Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
10:12 pm - so tired
we went to my brothers house for a cookout tonight and i am BEAT. i feel like i did a bunch of stuff but i didnt do anything. Just heat, and food and all that made me feel MISERABLE. 

going to bed. 

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Saturday, September 1st, 2007
12:51 am
i am completely wore out. i have had insomnia since the day i found out i needed a c-section.

Thankfully, i go with Jeremy to the Y to walk and do the bicycle machine thing. It kind of makes me feel physically better and does help me sleep better at night because im not as tired. And i CANT WAIT to start yoga and pilates classes either. Like seriously, im SO excited. It will be a little while before i start but i feel that looking forward to that might make my recovery easier? maybe not, who knows.

Well 5 more days until the big day! I know there are more options besides a c-section, and some people may feel that im completely insane for deciding to go that route.. and i totally understand. Everyone has their own opinion on ways to give birth and i definitly do not look down on that, but i just feel more comfortable with this decision. I have talked to my doctors, anesthesiologists(sp?) at the hospital and also the nurses at the birth center. I do feel confident in this decision, but i REALLY appreciate the advice/links/statistics that i have been given by everyone. It really does mean a lot to me that i can get that kind of advice.

So, in short, i just want to say thank you to each one of you who has replied to my posts and given me advice or words of encouragement. I cant begin to tell you how much it is appreciated.

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Friday, August 31st, 2007
11:26 pm - bottles
we dont own ANY bottles..the only thing closest to a bottle we have are the breast milk storage bottles that came with the breast pump (no nipple though). if i plan to strictly breastfeed, i dont need any bottles until i start to give her pumped milk, right?

and when i do pump. its a single manual pump, so i will be pumping one at a time.. i can put all the milk from both breasts into the same container at each pumping right? does that make sense? and how do i know when to switch my daughter to my other breast while feeding her? if she is done feeding and one still feels full, should i pump that one? or try and get her to nurse?

ahh! 5 more days til shes here!

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10:05 pm - sooo yea
what is going on with kroger? like all of their food is being recalled. like, the kroger brands i guess, which doesnt really affect us but man, i dont really even want to shop there anymore because of it. watch out for their potato salad, it may contain e-coli.

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Monday, August 27th, 2007
3:29 am
pretty sure i hate kaitlyns dad.
he told my brothers girlfriend to tell me that he is "turning his life around" and he has a car and has had a job now for over a week! well good going. you are a fucking saint i guess. and he EXPECTS me to believe he is going to be dad of the year or something. whatever. im so over it. she doesnt even mention him. ever. Jeremy takes care of Kaitlyn better than Mike EVER did. its just so damn frustrating because he will NEVER leave me alone! I guess he sent like $100 in for child support. well good for you DEADBEAT DAD. i really wish he would like, move out of state.
the stupid fresh prince of bel air is on and hes talking about his dad and its PISSING ME OFF. i try to get over this but then i see things like this and it makes me SO MAD. AHHHHH! i feel like hunting him down right now and beating him half to death.
HOW CAN SOMEONE ABANDON THEIR OWN CHILD. i really dont get it. jeremy gets upset when Kaitlyn stays the night with my parents. and her OWN DAD doesnt care that he hasnt seen her for months. he doesnt care to hurt her feelings with empty promises that he KNOWS he cant keep. she doesnt even care anymore. im glad. but im sure deep down it hurts her.
ugh i need to go to bed right now.

current mood: pissed off

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